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Climathon Vilnius 2020

Climathon Vilnius 2020

What: Climathon Vilnius Hackathon
When: 27th – 29th November, 2020
Where: Online 🙁

First of all, I must say that online hackathons are less enjoyable than live and because of that we usually don’t create posts about them, but this time everything was different. Special thanks to organizers.

During online hackathons one of the biggest problems is communication. Usually, during hacks main communication platform is Slack. Only one hackathon used Telegram (a very strange decision) so it’s good that most of the events use the same platform with which most of the participants are familiar. On Slack, there is main information, agendas, connections with mentors, other teams, and a lot of off-topic discussions. During Climathon Slack was very clean. As I remember – the first time in our Hackathons career. This could be affected also because a little number of teams participated in this hackathon.

One of our team members said, that he will never like online hackathons because during coding he should also prepare food for himself. This time organizers solved this problem by offering food delivery for every team member. Fortunately, we were on the road during hackathon weekend and could grab our plates because our team cave is located far away from any restaurant 🙂

Talking about agenda… It was quite good. I don’t know if anyone joined yoga sessions at 7 AM, but starting meetings at 9 AM is quite good. Not too early, not too late. At least one of the members could wake up before 9. Usually, during online hackathons, there is too much happening on zoom or other meeting platforms, and then you spend more time listening or waving but not creating something amazing. Sometimes too many checkpoints and presentations also happen on live hackathons too.

We participated in a lot of online hackathons this year and we are 100% sure that Climthon Vilnius 2020 was the best online hackathon this year.