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Green Tech Copernicus Hackathon Liepāja

Green Tech Copernicus Hackathon Liepāja

What: Green Tech Copernicus Hackathon
When: 18th – 20th September 2020
Where: Liepāja, Latvia

When you are participating in an amazing hackathon you want it more. The same was during Hack4Climate so few days after the finish of this one we started looking for new ones. One of them was Green Tech Copernicus Hackathon also related to climate change. Hackathon was planned in Spring, but due to quarantine in Latvia date was changed to late September. 

The Main Copernicus hackathon idea was to use Copernicus satellite data for land monitoring or to reduce climate change. We had no experience with that type of data and no one in our team was familiar with land monitoring or satellite data so we had to think twice before choosing an idea for the prototype.

We decided to offer a mobile app challenging Latvian people to start recycling and keeping their country green. Adding Copernicus data for identifying more polluted areas and offering more points or challenges in that place we complied with all of the requirements.

Our quite simple app can’t competive with Grandprix winners’ amazing solution, but we were in top! We won organisers symphaty nomination and 1000 € worth ability to use Green Tech Hub. 

Huge thanks for organisers because of keeping English as main event language even when our team was only one from abroad.