Hackathons we participated
Hack4Climate 2020

Hack4Climate 2020

What: Hack4Climate
When: 28th February – 1st March, 2020
Where: Vilnius, Lithuania

Just before the first lockdown in Lithuania, our team was formed for our first hackathon together . It was the Hack4Climate hackathon by the European Commission. During the hackathon, we made a new acquaintance and formed a really strong team with an amazing idea – EcoCity. 

EcoCity was a project for Erasmus+ students offering recycling place, second-hand free stuff sharing locations nearby. After some discussions with mentors, a lot of arguing between team members we got the final prototype and successfully pitched it. 

Our competitors were strong enough, some teams were formed of professionals but we finished in the top 4 and received mobility prize from Erasmus+ program.